ProgressWheel not visible

I know there are several discussions about the ProgressWheel but I’d like someone to clarify the behavior.

pwStatus.Visible = True If userAuthenticate(user, password) then MsgBox "Login successful" Else MsgBox "Login failed" End if pwStatus.Visible = false

The login process takes about 3 secs. but the ProgressWheel is never visible. However, if an error occurs between the .Visible statements, the ProgressWheel is then visible until the next .Visible = false statement is encountered.
I don’t necessarily want to implement threads just to provide user feedback. Am I missing something?

The wheel don’t get enough time to be shown until it’s told to be invisible again.
You can do this:

pwStatus.Visitble = True
Timer1.mode = Timer.ModeSingle // very short period, 50ms or something

In the timers action event, put the auth process.

i have the same issue
i want to populate a weblistbox with a random generated array, for some program testing. within the action of a botton, the progresswheel is set visible, and after populating the weblistbox, it is turned off. but the progress wheel never shows.

timer way is also used with a boolean switch which is turn on when the button is called, and turne off when finished, still does not show ever.
thank in advance for your help

Here you can find an example that shows how to use progress wheel to do what you are looking for.