Hi all.

Have what is probably a silly question, but. the question unasked is a question never answered.

I have a progress wheel on a window to show that something is going on, while the program runs. I don’t want the progress wheel to start until the user clicks a button, but even when I use

ProgressWheel1.enabled = false or ProgressWheel1.enabled = true

it still seems to run.

The other examples I have found use ProgressWheel1.visible = true or false, and that works fine. But if that is what we are supposed to use, why do they have the enabled option.


Enabled is useful for interactive controls, such as buttons, or textfields.

In the case of a ProgressWheel, visible is the right property to set.

indeed, unless Enabled does anything, it seems pretty worthless.


ProgressWheel is a subclass of RectControl which has an Enabled property.

You might wish to bookmark the language reference because there is a lot of useful information.

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Hi Tim.
When I have xojo open, I have the language reference open as well.
The old memory is not by any means what it used to be.
I just found the .enabled a bit counter intuitive.