ProgressWheel control size

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Is it possible to increase the size of the ProgressWheel control?

In the window of a desktop application shows very small


Raul Juarez Pulache

Not the one that Xojo creates as that is the system control. Feel free to roll your own

Somewhere on this forum… Michel and I had a friend competiition years ago, and we both came up with versions of a custom progress wheel that not only could be any size, but any color as well…

Probably the second most recreated control in Xojo
Right behind the calendar/date picker

Was rooting around my downloads of open source code and I have no less than a dozen different implementations of “calendars”
And also about 6 different “progress” controls

There are lots of progress bars around but no progress wheel I think. The MBS plugin had one but some version of Xojo killed the animation and I had to go back to the small one. 2016 something I seem to remember.

I guess I deleted mine a while back…
but here is the one Michel wrote

I am also looking for a nice date picker and progress bar for a webapp. Any suggestions?

Here’s a shameless plug for mine

Set it to indeterminate and bingo. It’s got a handful of options too.