ProgressBar under MySQL connect

Have made a window which informs the user that the application is trying to connect to a mysql database. In this window I have put a progressbar in, to graphically inform the user. But when the code execute the command to connect, everything comes to a hold, including the progressbar. (Im checking the function of “can not connect to database”).

Have any a solution to this? Have tried a timer and thread, but didn´t work.

Have read that´s the way the plugin works, something with sync, and you have to live with it, from a forum post in 2004. Can live with it, but it would be nice if it could work.

The MySQL plugin is fetching the data synchronously, meaning an application waits until all rows queried have been received.

This is indeed the way to go. Have a look at Task.

the db connection call is entirely synchronous and blocks regardless of using a thread or not
you won’t be able to make this work in a way that a progress bar will update