ProgressBar, ProgressWheel & WebContainer

I can easily make an Indeterminate WebProgressBar Visible when it’s in a WebContainer. But if I move that WebContainer out of my WebPage (it’s a WebContainer that holds the entire layout for the WebPage) and EmbedWithin that WebContainer during WebPage.Open, getting that Indeterminate WebProgressBar to be Visible is next to impossible. I can only make it Visible in WebPage.Open, which is pointless. Anywhere else (some WebPage Method or MailSocket.ConnectionEstablished, e.g.) fail.

But if I replace that Indeterminate WebProgressBar with a WebProgressWheel, I don’t have the problem described above.

Just thought others might have run into this problem with Indeterminate WebProgressBar.

It is a known and reported bug <>.

Instead of making the progressbar invisible, place it off view on the container (Left = -500 or so).

Then to make it visible move it in place, and to hide it again move it back off view.