Programming remote boxes

Dear all in this forum.

I want to know if you have had experience programming boxes that offer various services, including telephony and television.

For example, in the United States, they have Satellite TV (dish), cable tv (Xfinity), and fiber tv (Verizon). They use these boxes to offer services in the businesses or homes of those who hire them.

These mentioned boxes are programmable. Depending on the brand they use can offer routes of activating packages. They do everything remotely. The boxes are connected to a network server to maintain them and change plans.

When a customer calls their provider and wants to exchange a package, they do, so they update the box in their possession remotely.

The way these boxes work is they have an IP address on the provider network. This way they can update the firmware and change properties like the channels that are part of your plan.

Are you thinking about programming these specific boxes ? You would need to know their APIs and my guess is that you will not be able to get the documentation !

I have the manual Advanced Security CAS Communication Interface in my hands.

This manual explains how to put together the message to be sent.

The problem is that manual doesn’t explain how to write the request. To be sent to the server using SET, POST, and GET.

The industry-standard term is “Set-top box”, from the days when they usually sat on top of your “television set” :slight_smile:

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The important message. A possible client is looking for me to develop a system that manages these boxes.