Programming Humor 3

Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?

Yes, I’d like to hear a TCP joke.

OK, I’ll tell you a TCP joke.

OK, I’ll hear a TCP joke.

Are you ready to hear a TCP joke?

Yes, I am ready to hear a TCP joke.

OK, I’m about to send the TCP joke. It will last 10 seconds, it has two characters, it does not have a setting, it ends with a punchline.

OK, I’m ready to hear the TCP joke that will last 10 seconds, has two characters, does not have a setting and will end with a punchline.

I’m sorry, your connection has timed out…

…Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?


I have no idea where this image came from, but I couldn’t resist sharing it. :grinning:



This joke is taking too long. I have to PPP.

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Resistance is futile!


My signature line on an electronics forum used to be:
“Join The Quadrature Borg. Reactance is jFutile.”

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// No comment.

– Daddy, I have few questions to answer for my software engineering class, can you help me?
– Sure, say it.
– Define “workaround”.
– Do you remember the restroom door of your aunt Greta?
– Wow. Sure.
– That’s it.




Sometimes I wonder if it is not a better idea to take a nap…

I coded what you can see in the screen shot below, and it does not worked: nothing appears on screen…

I checked:
a. I removed the image meant to be displayed,
b. I read the code back:
I created the offscreen Picture
I draw the x,
I add the error string…

Everything is here.

Close the project, relaunch, run: still nothing.

I took a coffe, look thru the (bathroom) window, and be back to the code.

Light coming: I only forgot to assign the Picture top the Canvas’ Backdrop !

Yes, sometimes I wonder !

BTW: the image above with green background is MY image (not the forum error image).

Would joke UDP hear to

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This is a REAL and great workaround!

I take the pilot’s rule: don’t fly when you are tired.

The problem was… I do not knew I was tired, so tired… :ukraine:

This also a great example of out-of-the-box thinking.

Not “great”. OOTB thinking is great when you solve COMPLETELY something in a unusual way, using less resources, or rearranging improper resources in a way it solves the problem. That person introduced a new ugly problem to the “project”, and then made it “work”, but it’s still ugly and problematic (that “tab” on the wall can cause accidents and avoid large square boxes to pass through, for example). A workaround does not solve (correctly) a thing, it makes that thing “useful” applying a bridge over flames on a path instead of extinguishing the flames there. :wink: