Programming a PowerMate


I would like to use a PowerMate to control the value of a parameter in Xojo. Does anybody know how to accomplish this?



Which power mate ?
there are usb controllers , air compressors, stair climbers, etc all bearing that name

Powermate - Powermate generators, air compressors …
PowerMate USB | USB Controller | Griffin Technology
Stair Climbing Hand Truck | PowerMate® Stair Climber
Tele Vue Optics: Powermates
Power Mate Technology Co., LTD

I’m guessing he is talking about the USB controller :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about the Griffin knob, this article says all you need are keyboard shortcuts.

Hi Tim,

Yes, I was talking about a Griffin PowerMate. And thanks for your reference, which has clarified the matter for me.