Programmer's Day - Upgrades to Pro

If you still have an active license then beware a bit.

I have an active license valid till Sept 17th next year.

To upgrade my license to Pro without the coupon code would be $310 as the remaining active time of my license is counted towards the final price.

To upgrade WITH the coupon code would be … $559

I get the programmer’s day discount but the remaining active time on my license is discarded. I’m no better off than someone who doesn’t have an active license.

Which is entirely consistent with previous quotes I got where I would have to pay more AND give up the remaining time on my license without compensation in order to upgrade.

So I’ll stay on Desktop/Database/Console for another year.

So if you still have time on your license the offer might not quite be what it seems. Crunch your numbers.

If your license has expired though then by all means go for it.

If you are picking a license to upgrade to Pro as you are talking about here- you get the 20% discount + the usual credit for active time based on the retail price of the existing license. To be clear- upgrades to Pro are cheaper today than usual because they include the additional 20% off. It does that automatically for upgrades- no code necessary. As mentioned, everyone can look in their own scenario and decide if it makes sense for them.

I just wanted to clarify that you don’t need to use the discount code in the store if you are picking a license to upgrade to Pro- that would just show you the regular discount price as you noticed. Any other questions can go to

Thanks Travis for pointing out the automatic deduction - not obvious.

By my calculation.

Xojo Pro at $699 - 20% = $560

My desktop license valid for over a year should be $300

By my calculation that’s $260 difference.

Then there’s my separate Console license valid for over a year that would be about $100

So the difference is $160

But that would be my calculation, and I know Xojo “thinks differently”: my license is after all a “second-class license” that has a different value …

So maybe next year, if I haven’t followed Alain by then … :wink:

Best Regards