Program will not run.

In my quest to find a report writing tool, I downloaded the RBReports demo. When using Xojo Pro Version 3.X the program will not startup when I try to run it. There are no compile errors. It just acts like it is gonna run then does not. When using Xojo Pro Version 2.X the RBReports runs fine and actually seems to be a pretty good report creating tool. I could just use version 2 but it seems like I should use the most current version of Xojo. Anybody else had this problem? And if there is a fix what might it be?


I’m not familiar with RBReports, but some other reporting tools are listed here:

The first link has an ssl error. The other 2 have page not found errors.

The first link should be http not https.

I think RSReport has been taken off the market.

The Valentina Reports had their page moved to when they re-did their site.

Thanks. I’ve updated the links.

Correct. I received an email from them a number of months ago saying they were pointing people to use Shorts. The model is similar so if you used RSReport isn’t not a huge chore to move to Shorts.

To address the title of this conversation. I too have had programs that just don’t run. In all cases there has been a bug or deprecated item in an encrypted module which doesn’t (can’t?) be reported by the IDE.

This is a major problem, BTW. Most of the time the compiler message won’t even tell you which object has the error. It usually did some weird Office error that made no sense so it’s not like you could even give an intelligent bug report to the original developer.