Program Raspberry Pi 2 B Electronics with Xojo

Eugene Dakin did it again, writing a very good Xojo quick starter book.
As an electronic engineer I felt a bit like at school back in the late 70’s , some principles never change, but for sure it’s a very good hands on book which guide you in no time to working stuff with the PI and Xojo.
One little thing Eugene: why not Raspberry PI 3B ?
I recommend this book to Xojo folks who want to discover the power of this board.

Ah well thats another £120 I spent on all the bits and pieces :-(, although I could only get the Pi 3 with the kit in the UK here;

I am sure other places sell it as well but at least it will be here tomorrow to play with :slight_smile:

I do have a project in mind though with a 7" touchscreen so its worth it - well thats what I tell my wife anyway :slight_smile:

The principles will apply equally to the Raspberry Pi 3 as to the 2B. By and large, everything is absolutely compatible - the main difference is that the Pi 3 is (sometimes much) faster and has wifi/bluetooth on board but that should not affect the content of the book (which I admit I haven’t seen).

And it works. I am waiting for the 64-bit stuff because I need remote debugging.

Remote debugging would be very, very handy. It makes the usefulness of the Pi extremely limited.

[quote=270798:@Joost Rongen]
One little thing Eugene: why not Raspberry PI 3B ?[/quote]

Thanks for the kind words Joost.

When the book was being written there was only the Raspberry Pi 2 B. I made the decision to complete the book with the Raspberry Pi 2 B and release it to Xojo enthusiasts now.

A Raspberry Pi 3 B has been ordered and I will test all of the book examples and update the book (if there are any changes between 2B and 3 B code).

I hope you have as much fun with the Raspberry Pi as I have. :slight_smile:

The Raspberry Pi 3 B arrived and all code and electronics were tested from the book and @Gavin Smith is right, all of the examples are compatible between the Raspberry Pi 2B and Raspberry Pi 3B.

I will make a note of this in the next book release.

Thanks for the questions!