Program hangs at start

Clear your Xojo cache.

I’m beginning to be sorry I asked. I appreciate the help, but I’m going ahead with the alternative, which is working. In response to the above, though …
I don’t know what my “Xojo cache” is, but I would think rebooting the machine would clear it. No difference.
Virus blocker is a strong possibility. I will dig into that later.
For now, please forget it. If I find out it was indeed my virus blocker, I will certainly post that information.

Most of us have had problems like these and it never hurts to ask for help.

And no, the Xojo cache isn’t cleared on rebooting. The information at is out of date and I’m not on Windows. But it should give you a starting point where to look.

Xojo stores precompiled bits of your application so it doesn’t have to do everything every time. On very rare occasions, that gets out of sync and causes the kind of issue you’re reporting. When you have insane errors, and especially when others are able to run your app without any problems, clearing the cache is a good thing to try. It’s in your user’s AppData/Roaming folder (which is normally hidden, so you may have to turn on “show hidden items” in the file explorer). Just delete any folders related to Xojo and restart the IDE.

And if that solves it, you’ll be very glad you asked, as this knowledge could save you major headaches in the future.

Okay. Thanks for the info on the Xojo cache – I will make a note of it.
I found out that my problem was indeed being caused by my antivirus software. Nice of them to let me know … sigh. Again, thanks to all who responded.

No worries. It happens to everyone at some point.

Reconfirming what Roland Foster found about antivirus interference with XojoDebug. … with a bit more specific info to our Symantec AV in case it helps someone.
-brand new clean install of Windows10 and Xojo2015r4.
-created very simple windowed test app with one button that pops up a msgbox.
-hitting debug run button would appear to simply ‘hang’.
-I could ‘build’ the app, click the resulting .exe and it would work just fine, just a problem with debugger.
-our company IS department installs symantec antivirus…

  • running Symantec’s settings app from Start Program, and “Proactive Threat Protection” > Options > View Log
    showed every debugtest.exe run attempt being blocked as a “threat”
  • turned off checkbox for “Enable SONAR” under “Proactive Threat Protection”> Options>ChangeSettings (Sonar Tab).
    Now everything works great.