Program Canvas Control with Xojo book update (3.1)

I Wish I Knew How To… Program the Canvas Control 3 with Xojo Desktop has been updated to version 3.1.

This is a free update to those who have purchased version 3.0 of the book. Here is a list of comments on the updated version:

New/Updates to Version 3.1 – Feb 2021

  • More new examples added. Special thanks to Martin T.
  • Added new LineDash example
  • Added new ShadowBrush example
  • Added new LineJoin Example
  • Added new LineCap Example
  • Added PictureBrush Example
  • Added LinearGradientBrush Example
  • Added RadialGradientBrush Example

There are fourteen chapters and over 450 pages with over 65 examples that both show and describe the code. This book is in PDF format with example chapter folders containing Xojo source code and running examples.

More details and purchasing of the book are available at the following links: and

ISBN: 978-1-927924-28-0