Program cache location

I just exited Xojo instead of the debugger. Will the cache that restores after a crash still be there? Where is it? I’m using Windows 10.

If Xojo didn’t crash and it let you exit while debugging your project was saved and not dirty.

Perhaps the new versions autosave when compiling for the debugger. I am using 2014r3.2 and when I reloaded the program I got what I started with a couple hours earlier. I need to remember to save more often. It sure would be nice to be able to retrieve the last cache.

It shouldn’t have let you close Xojo if the project was dirty. Try to reproduce the issue and file a bug report if it happens.

Keyboard shortcuts help a lot with saving. Cmd-S is just muscle memory to me now, and I’m pretty sure it just happens automatically for me when I go to Cmd-R run the debug.

Only Norman can tell what is supposed to happen. I do suspect a crash of the whole IDE, though. When it is working, it won’t let you quit without asking if it should save.

I have a pre-build step

doCommand "SaveFile"

That saves my project before every debug run. It has saved me a lot of grief.

The IDE always writes a copy of your project as a binary project to then temporary directory when you run
It’s always done so
It should be in a location like C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Xojo\Xojo\Xojo <version # here>\AutoSave Projects
But if the IDE actually quits cleanly it will remove this directory