Profiler - Doubler Clicking a line does not take you to the specified code

Happy 2015, everyone…

I’m trying to track down an odd time waster in a few routines of a large project. I’ve run the code with Profiling enabled and get the report (which does identify the bloated code). I then double clicked the suspect code’s line in the profiler output and it takes me to the first element instead of the method or event (lowest element).

For example:

tmAdvancedOperationDrop.Action -> WMain.BackupFinderDrop -> WMain.Activate

Takes me to the top level control tmAdvancedOperationDrop instead of WMain.Activate

Shouldn’t it take me to the actual event / method for which the time has been calculated?

Bug or feature request?


Reported as <>. I also see that this occurs in 13r3.3 and 12r2.1 as well.

That’s so strange though. I know this works in some circumstances, 'cause I’ve been profiling some of our internal tools…

There doesn’t happen to be two Activate items, like an event and a method, is there?

Could be a thread and a timer, but it doesn’t matter which line I double click. It always takes me to the highest level control for the line.