"profile" = reserved name?

  1. Make a class named “profile”
  2. Make another class subclassed from profile

The second class now has an unusual icon, leading me to wonder if this has clashed with another feature somewhere in the framework.

Can “profile” safely be used for a class name?

@Thomas Sanham — If you don’t change the class name and something weird happens, you will never be sure if it’s related to your code or the fact that the class was named “profile”. So you really should change the name… and send a bug report to Xojo

EDIT: BTW I do too get a strange icon on the subclass (old screen with 122 written in green).

Change the name adding a Prefix and shorting the name, something like my_Prof_ile (or myProf) and watch what happens.

I would expect the IDE has a class named Profile or something like that for use with its Profiler

That said naming the classes in this way seems to have no negative impact - just the odd icon
You could report that as its definitely odd
EDIT : <https://xojo.com/issue/56714>

EDIT : ah yeah of you run an app with the profiler you see that this custom subclass has that same icon
The IDE is just making a mistake about which icon to grab and use for that row in the navigator for your project