Profile Code window suggestion

the Profiling of the code is very nice in Xojo. However, I would suggest putting an ‘close’ button on the top right. Once I’ve read the profile report, it happens all the time that I close the complete IDE when I just want to close the report to continue programming and press the ‘X’ of the IDE.

Something simple like this would already be a big help:

File a feature request. But you can always select the item in the navigator and delete it.

Yes, but this has some side effects.

set Profile code on, run, stop
Look at profile report
Delete report from navigator and get ready to code
Do undo (intended for the code window)
report is ‘undeleted’ and opened again

If feel like the reports don’t really belong in the navigator, but rather in a popup window.

Unless you want several of them. Did you know that you can double click a line and it will take you to that location? If we closed the popular, you wouldn’t have a way to get back without running the app again.

Sure, having several copies has its advantages. :slight_smile:

I like that!

Or maybe something like ‘pressing the suggested close’ does not remove the report from the Naviator, just jumps to the last location you were working at in the code?

The system works, it’s just (maybe as a windows user only), I’m so used to close a ‘view’ with the ‘x’ that it happens automatically.

I could be missing something, but how about asking if someone wants to close the xojo IDE when pressing X?