Producing a Profile File

Good evening,
I haven’t used the Profiler for a while but need it on a current project.
I’ve spent an hour trying to get it to work without success. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
It is a desktop application running on macOS Catalina, Xojo 2019 R1.
Amongst many things, I have tried a build where a warning comes up that the profile file will be produced in the launch folder, but no file is produced. I have also tried running a Quit statement from a button in the app to get a clean exit.
Any advice would be welcome.

It could be a silently failing permissions issue since you’re using Catalina and the profile result is expected to be next to the executable.

Are you able to use profiling in debug mode? The results show up in the IDE that way.

Is your application sandboxed?

Thank you for your help. I have checked sandboxing and opened up some permissions. It doesn’t work in debug or build mode. I have also removed a published fix for crashing on exit in App.CancelClose (Probably not needed any more). However I have tried the project in Xojo 2020 r1 and it now works. I will need to upgrade my license fairly soon!

So the App Sandbox will prevent it from working, there is a workaround for it, which I can explain if you wish to pursue it with App Sandbox.

If your application is using the “Terminate” on exit, this also will prevent it from working, as the Terminate on exit will cause the application to exit abruptly and before Xojo has written the profile data to disk.

I would be interested in the Sandbox workaround. Thank you.

Hi Dennis,
I created this article here for you.

Wonderful! Thank you.

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