Problems with Window Types

According to the Language Reference since version 2019r2 we have a new Enumeration: Window.Types
Toshiaki Katoh raised a case in Feedback ((Xojo: Account Login)>]58391) explaining that there was a mistake with Global Floating windows. The problem was solved in less than 10 days. Excellent!
However, my main application started to silently fail until I found that my “Floating” windows (not “Global Floating” windows) had exactly the same problem.
I created a new case ((Xojo: Account Login)>]59041), but unfortunately after 5 days is still in “Needs Review” status.
For me it is a very important case because I use a lot this type of windows and check their type in many different places.

I think it is not the only Type that still has problems.
Has anyone noticed such bug?
If so, could you please add some notes to this case? Thanks.

its a “bug”, the debugger list this selected Floating Window as MovableModal at break point.

as workaround you can test this other type or subclass this window and use own property.