Problems with Webdialog


I hope this is not a dumb question. I am trying to implement a web dialog in the form of a sheet.

According to the Language Reference: “To display a dialog on your page, drag it to the page or instantiate one in code. You can then display it by calling the Show method:”

1.) The IDE does not seem to allow me to “drag it to the page”.

2.) When I drag it to the Contents Column in the IDE, it does not fall under the hierarchy of a webpage, but at an equal level.

3.) Regardless, when I try to refer to it by “” or “Sheet1.width = 500”, I get the error, “This item does not exist.”

Any help?


You should be able to drag the WebDialog from the Navigator onto the Web Page Layout Editor where it will appear in the Shelf at the bottom. I’ll clarify the wording in the Language Reference.

Thanks. That answers points 1 and 2.

Any ideas with item 3?

After you drag it to the Web Page Layout Editor, it will have a different name (because it is a new instance). Make sure you are using the correct name (or rename it to something better).

Thanks. That worked