Problems with Styles and Embeds

Hi all,

I have trying to make my app appears more modern with Styles, Matthew Combatti helped me with the sample app below:

Now I have 3 questions:

  1. In the signon screen, there is a Popup for language selection. A style is assigned to it with white font and transparent background. However, the selection list does not show the available selections as the background and the font color are both white. Can I change the background color of the selection list?

  2. Press [LOGIN] will bring you to the main screen. Press the logo, it shows a sidebar without any problem. But if I make the browser full screen (F11) and press the logo again, there will be a vertical scroll bar on the sidebar menu, making it looks strange. This is how I confused when using Embed, it seems that I can hardly control both horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear or not, even if I made enough room for the container.

  3. The styled buttons appear on Windows or Mac browsers as how they are designed, however, if I open the app with an iPad (both Safari or Chrome), the buttons show in a different manner:

Thanks for all kinds of advice.

Buttons are tricky. Browsers will sometimes prevent you from just changing their appearance a little bit, but allow drastic ones. I would try adding a border even if the width is zero, or a shadow and see if that tricks iOS into doing what you want. Otherwise, try using a WebLabel instead of a WebButton.