Problems with Release 2020r2

I have found two problems with 2020r2.

1 License key not recognized. License keys screen shows no license key but 2020r1.2 finds it Ok on same machine. When I logged in to get license key it said I had no activations remaining. Downloaded the key and it was accepted. This seems to have been reported by testers and need as fixed for release but fix does not seem to work.

2 ARM build fails saying “RBScript,xojo—plugin: 0 does not support macOS arms 64.” I expected a problem vecause I use FTC which requires MBS Xojo TextInputCanvas Plugin 2.xojo_plugin which presumably needs to be updated for ARM, and wonder if this is just an erroneous error message.

For my normal Mac builds the new release seems to be working fine.

Hi @Dr_Brian_R_Gaines,

@Christian_Schmitz already updated the TextInputCanvas Plugin for ARM and Universal. You can download it here: TextInputCanvas Update

RBScript/XojoScript is currently not ready for macOS ARM 64. They working on it.

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Thank you Martin. Had not noticed that XojoScript for ARM was not part of release.

Thanks, yet again, to Christian for keeping the TextInputCanvas Plugin up to date.


Regarding the license keys, simply remove and re-apply your key. It seems to be an issue with how BigSur changed storage.

They have again changed their file system’s organisation? Do you know what changed in this context?

At every new version of macOS the §$%& license goes missing.

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I do not know what changed. That’s just what I’ve heard.

Did this problem not appear only since Big Sur?
Or you’re talking about other applications than Xojo?

Ah, ok.
As developers, we will face this change sooner or later anyway; it’s just better to know in advance. My curiosity also suffers from not knowing :grin: :thinking:



That happened when I first updated to BS in June. It happened again last week. In Catalina I had to reassign the license every time I did a build on one computer.

Like others, Feedback won’t allow me to open this one (clicking the link doesn’t go to the case and entering the ID returns “no result found”). Known bug, but happens way too often (the number of cases I can’t read in every releases notes file, preventing me to understand the reason of some changes, is huge).

The problem has been reported several times in Big Sur, but you’re the first person I read mentioning the same problem on Catalina; a special case or I missed other users having the same problem?

Feedback doesn’t differentiate between private cases and cases from beta periods. Which is really unfortunate.

I think during the Catalina beta the problem was new. By now Xojo should know better what is happening. But when I updated to BS last week my license was gone again.

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I’m just trying a Universal build on one project of mine and got the above.

Is there any news on this with 2020R2.1 officially out now?

XojoScript on ARM 64 is not yet supported. You can track the case here:


Actually, discovered last night that I could work around it. I was surprised when the error came up, because I did not recall using XojoScript in any production apps. So traced it down to my use of (the deprecated version of) Aloe Express, which included the ability to pass source statements in XojoScript and have them executed using a class you had helped provide. I don’t use that feature.

I simply disabled that and removed from this app, then I could generate a Universal build correctly.

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