Problems with dtListView and dtGroupListView


I wonder if any of you who use dtListView have had problems getting started and were able to resolve similar problems to what I am having?

Nothing is listed when I add sections and rows to dtListView, something like this:

me.AddSection "Hello" me.AddRow "There",0 me.AddSection "Hello" me.AddRow "There",1 me.AddSection "Hello" me.AddRow "There",2 me.SetRowHeight(50)

And if I try the same code in a dtGroupListView, the rows and sections will list, but I get the following dialog :

Look info at

When I go to or Dethomsoft, I can’t find any reference to when the dialog is displaying.

If I run any of the dtListView demos supplied from Dethomsoft, I get similar results.

Thanks for any help


Thanks jean-paul