Problems with API interaction using classic HTTP socket

I’m having problems successfully interacting with Cloudant’s DBaas, and I wonder if it comes down to HTTP 1.0 versus 1.1.
I’m trying to do this with a webapp, and the newer Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket is not yet compatible with web apps.
And so all I have is the classic HTTPSecureSocket, which does establish communication, but I can’t seem figure out how do anything meaningful. The API spec does state it requires HTTP 1.1.

This may be due to my inexperience with cURL and HTTP PUT/GET/POST etc.

For example, in a query with a selector, I follow the API spec, and make a POST call, and get
“error: method not allowed, reason: Only DELETE, GET, HEAD, PUT allowed.”

So does this come down to the difference between HTTP 1.0 versus 1.1? …have I provided enough information?

You are sending a POST, and the error that appears says “Only DELETE, GET, HEAD, PUT allowed”. Check the API docs to see how to use it correctly.

Sure. That’s logical …so I did go back over it, and I had misread the spec. Where it says
Method: POST
URL Path: /db/_find
Response Body: JSON object describing the query results…”

My call had the name of the database followed by “/db/_find” instead of replacing “db” with the filename. I thought the docs would show “$db” for a variable i was supposed to replace.

So the question is: Where/how might the HTTP 1.1 spec trip me up using the classic HTTPSocket (i.e. version 1.0) ?