Problems with 2015r2.3

Hi there,

after installing the new release 2015r2.3 on a debian 8 PC the “Accept Terms and Conditions” window appears, then two overlapping blank windows show and nothing more happens. Starting via Terminal gives the following error message:

Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
RuntimeCore/ICUStable.cpp: 148
Failure Condition: functionPtr
Could not resolve u_strToUTF8

Speicherzugriffsfehler (Memory Access error)

I have “libicu52:i386” installed and release 2015r2.2 did run without maior problems.

Any insights here?

TIA, Christian Burkert

May not be related, but “Xojo 2015r2.3 Release Notes” says:

40053	Framework » Linux	No longer asserts when app is run on a distro that includes an ICU library with a minor revision number attached (like OpenSUSE 13.1).

libicu is totally broken on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu x64. You must revert back to 2015 r2.2