problems when I start and quit app.

I have a problem I do not know to solve.
After compiling linux support and try to run the app
these warnings appear in the terminal: Terminal output
The app works fine except when I quit, I have to force quit.
how can I fix?


do you have appmenu-gtk3 installed?

yes i have.

any idea why I need to force the exit of app in linux?
works fine in windows.


Try this if your system is 64bit.

sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk:i386

[quote=29766:@Rick A.]Try this if your system is 64bit.

sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk:i386[/quote]

Rick, I switched to 32 bit because the wubi ubuntu forced to install the 64bit
And I do not understand why, but now I hope everything is ok

See some different things.
Now do not get notifications on the terminal, but I see some strange things.

  1. My 12 celestial catalogs within a thread takes 4 minutes to read.
  2. The menubar not appear in the application window but appears in the horizontal titlebar in O/S ubuntu without the app being maximized: img
  3. When I close the app appears the system window asking if I want to force the app to quit if you say no, 1 minute after the app is close without errors in terminal.

any idea?


1 - Xojo has no real threading, it uses time slices of one thread to simulate several threads. We don’t have real gains when the tasks are very intensive, they are in just one core of multicore system.
2 - I believe Xojo works this way. Like OS-X.
3 - Maybe finishing longstanding/background tasks. Threads/Timers? You could try finish them gracefully first and then Exit() ?

That’s caused by Unity on Ubuntu, but you can turn it off:

(I haven’t tried this myself)