Problems to config cgi server in Raspi2

Merry Christmas everybody,

Santa Claus has brought me this year the new Raspberry pi 2 and I would like to use it to server several webapps created with Xojo. I have installed Raspbian Jessie into the Pi but I am newbie with perl, cgi, linux, etc. Could anyone explain me how to config apache to server cgi-bin webapps, please?. I need a quick installation guide, jeje.

By other way, to do the trials I have compiled an example webapp but I don’t know If I choose the correct options to do a Raspi compatible compilation. Could anyone confirm the options to do the compilation?

I have selected:

Share settings:

Deployment type: CGI Port: 8080

Build settings (I have only checked LINUX):

Architecture: x86 32-bit

Thank you very much.

Have you tried Standalone? That’s by far the fastest way to get web apps running on Raspberry Pi.

No, I will try it, thanks Greg.

I have read other post and I’ve noticed that I have to change the Build Architecture to ARM 32-bit.

I will test this firstly.

I think a tutorial to config the raspi using Xojo would be very interesting.