Problems loading OAuth2.0 url in HTMLViewer

I’m trying to work out an OAuth2.0/OCID flow, my url works in my browser, but the HTMLViewer only shows a blank page, has anyone seen this before?

Some services no longer support loading the OAuth2 web page into an embedded browser.
It might be worthwhile you checking that this isn’t the problem.

How do I do that? I haven’t worked with OAuth2.0 before

Read the latest documentation for whatever service you are trying to use.

If that’s the case, do you have any suggestions on an alternative method?

You will need to open the OAuth web page in an external browser window and find a way to handle the status callback via one of the following methods:
• make your app act like a web server and specify a localhost callback URL to OAuth.
• if you have access to a web server where you can host scripts using a web language such as php/node, use that to receive the callback and find a way to communicate the status update between your desktop app and your web server.

See here for more information:

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