Problems compiling to 64-bit

In general I can compile for 64-bit on macOS and Windows. I have several projects that all use the same set of external code (a lot of code in many classes, modules with declares and so on). With these projects Xojo (2017r2.1) on Windows crashes when compiling a 64-bit Windows app (I have tried all optimization levels). Compiling the same project for Windows on macOS works without problems. The app works as well.

So before I create a Feedback case: Does anyone have problems compiling 64-bit-Windows-Apps on Windows?

We’ve had the same effect with Xojo 2015r4.1 with a Linux 64Bit Build. Compiling from macOS worked fine, but not on Windows.
The reason was pretty obvious: Out of Memory. Just have a look in Task Manager how much Memory the Xojo process is using. If it goes towards 3GB, it’ll crash. So it seems that Xojo on macOS needs a bit less memory for compiling (at least in our situation).

Yes, but not only on Windows :slight_smile: Our medium-big projects can’t be compiled on any platform for 64Bit, because of Xojo 2017r2.1 running out of Memory.
So we’re looking forward to a 64-bit IDE :wink:

Watch memory usage.
Xojo is a 32 bit app.
Memory usage on Windows is limited to maybe 3 GB while on Mac you can use 3.5 GB of the 4 GB address space.
So it could be a problem of compiler needing too much memory.

In my case I think the memory usage should be not the problem; I see no more than 1105,4 MB in the Task Manager.
But I have to correct: The compile process runs fine, the crash occurs while linking.

Another known issue is: <> - 64 bit cannot link over a couple of hundred classes

Or maybe add your project as a private information? Then Xojo can double-check and test with “real world” projects once they get to fix this…

@Jürg Otter: Adding the project as private info to a feedback case is definitly the last option.
I think I try again with the next beta and report then via Feedback if it’s still an issue.

Just don’t be disappointed should those Feedbacks be fixed, but your situation doesn’t benefit… Betas often end faster than expected, not allowing to fix any “new kind of issues that haven’t been reported before”.

I fully understand that you’re not liking the idea of handing over your source… we don’t, too.
However, we already did that sometime because of a “it’s not compiling issue” by deleting the contents of any “business critical code” (leave the Methods/…, so that it compiles, but the built App is of no use at all). That might be a second-to-last option :wink: