Problems codesigning app

I’m trying to submit an app to the app store. I made a PKG using Packagemaker, but when I try to upload I am getting errors on delivery. Here are the errors I’m getting:

• The product archive’s package’s signature is invalid. Ensure that it is signed with your “3rd Party Mac Developer Installer” certificate.

• The product archive is invalid. Javascript may not be used in the installer.

• The product archive metadata is invalid [keyPath product-metadata.product-version]. Please rebuild your archive with an up-to-date version of Xcode, and submit again.

• Packages submitted to App Store must be created either through Xcode, or using the productbuild[1] tool, as described in “Submitting your Mac apps to the App Store”. Packages created by other tools, including PackageMaker, are not acceptable. [SIS]

• The application bundle does not contain an icon in ICNS format, containing both a 512x512 and a 512x512@2x image. For further assistance, see Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

• The product archive is invalid. The info.plist must contain a LSApplicationCategoryType key, whose value is the UTI for a valid category. For more details, see “Submitting your apps to the App Store”.

• The bundle is invalid. The value for key CFBundleVersion [] in the info.plist must be a period-separated list of at most 3 non-negative integers.

• The lowest minimum system version [none] in the Product Definition Property LIst must equal the ‘LSminimumSystemVersion’ value [10.4.0] in the ‘info.plist’.

I have the latest version of Xcode (5.0.2) and successfully signed the application, although I cannot seem to sign the installer even though my certificates seem to be in order. This is very frustrating!

I’d grab something like App Wrapper & use that to help you get this right

There is the crux of your problem. I would strongly second Norman’s suggestion. I have 3 apps on the MAS and all were created with AppWrapper with very little problems.

That worked - thanks!