Problem with weblistbox

Hello all.
I have a problem with the new release

I have a weblistbox session array

In the older versión when i append to a container locking to all sides and setting height and width to parent size, weblistbox was resizing correctly to the webcontainer, but in the new version i can see only headers on the container. If i resize the windows weblistbox is resizing the height but never is adjusted to the container size

Weblistbox array creation

Session.Cuadro.Append(New WebListBox)
Session.Cuadro(0).LockBottom = True
Session.Cuadro(0).LockLeft = True
Session.Cuadro(0).LockRight = True
Session.Cuadro(0).LockTop = True
Session.Cuadro(0).Left = 0
Session.Cuadro(0).top = 0

Adding to container
AddHandler Session.Cuadro(0).DoublePressed, AddressOf MuestraIncidencias
Session.Cuadro(0).Height = Container21.Height
Session.Cuadro(0).Width = Container21.Width
Session.Cuadro(0).Visible = true

It’s working on 2022r1.1 and it doesn’t work on 2022r2.

Go to and create a new issue, put the exact versions that you are using and a sample project.

Are you using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge? or do all have the same problem?

It works on edge,chrome but not in firefox

I remember seeing an Issues case for Firefox (don’t have the number at hand).

I was thinking the same thing. I believe this is the one. Xojo: Account Login

The problem happens again with firefox in 3.2.

Weblistbox in a webcontainer if is created at runtime is not visible in firefox till you resize the page.