Problem with user connecting to our web app

We have a few users that can’t display the app in their browser. They say it just sits there spinning, I assume they mean trying to load. What could the possible problem be? His IT guy couldn’t get it to work.

Anybody have any ideas. We have had hundreds with out the problem.

Are these users and IT guy from same organization? same lan/wan?

Yes, It’s a huge company.

He said he tried it at home but didn’t say if he was using his companies VPN. I have asked him.

well if they are the only ones that have seem to his an issue then I would move towards , depending on how their infrastructure is set up, maybe a proxy server problem, switch problem, other layered software/hardware in use for Intranet/Internet , problems related to 3rd party providers they use (Cloud services such as firewall and DNS)

Just to name a few :grin:

Yea, This is only one user, the other user I haven’t heard back from. I would think the IT guy could figure that out but who knows what his level is as far as knowledge.

Is it a publicly accessible site? if so what is the URL and I can try as I’m behind a Fed Gov. network right now
But I understand if it is private

Sure but it will give you a response like unavailable to you:

Tested from commercial ISP and also Fed. Gov. Internet and both successful so it is them I recon

Thank you so much, I figured as much. Damn Users

Some times IT personnel can only test so far, especially if there are other entities involved in the working configuration of the LAN/WAN.