problem with the webaudiocontrol


I have a problem with the webaudiocontrol.

I have opened the example\Web\Controls\Audioplayer project.

I can play the demo song when I use the option “Use the Audio control to play…”
So this works.

But when I cut&paste the song URL ( from the source and try the option “OR enter a URL…” and press “play” it does not play.
No error message.

(If I put the URL directly in my browser then it works)

I use Firefox with Windows7

What could be the reason that I can not play the URL ?

thank you

Hello Heinz,
the problem could be Firefox, try with an .ogg audio file

Yes, firefox doesn’t play MP3 audio files.

Depends on the host platform.

Could it be that the link immediately redirects? For me it goes to

Thank you all for your answers.

After some testing I’ve found the problem:
In the Audioplayer example the .AutoPlay property was not set to true when I clicked on the “Play” button.
And this was the reason why the song didn’t play

So this now works for me:

'ButtonPlaySong.action() event: Sub Action() AudioPlayer.AutoPlay = true 'this was missing in the example AudioPlayer.MP3URL ="" ' AudioPlayer.MP3URL = PlayThisURL.Text End Sub