Problem with PDF WebFile in HTMLViewer


I am having a strange problem with a Xojo 2023r1.1 application deployed on a Windows server. I have a page with an HTMLViewer to display a PDF decoded from a base64 string retrieved from a database.

When run in my Mac IDE or as a compiled Mac application locally it always displays correctly. When installed on the Windows server, all works correctly also running Edge on the server machine. If I access the application from outside the client network the PDF is never displayed. The browser appears to have a problem with the WebFile.URL.

The PDF is obtained by the application as I log the string size and it is always visible on the the Edge application.

Identical code in the prior Xojo 2019r3.2 app version always ends with proper visibility in all “outside” browsers (3 app instances running on same server, each on a different port).

Any hints or suggestions? TIA

You keep the web file in a property of the page, so it lives long enough?

It was in a property of the page. I also tried in a property of the session but that did not appear to help.