Problem with Norton360

This morning Norton360 decided that when I run my program called branchmaker-v2 in debugger mode the program debugbranchmaker-v2 was a dangerous program and therefore needed to be removed together with a totally innocuous .csv input file. The last thing I did last night was running the same program in debugger mode without any problem. No changes had been made in my software between those two runs (or was there a Norton360 update). When I create a build of the program Norton does not object. I run the latest version of Xojo under Windows 7 64-bit. Norton has never complained before. Presently I have to switch off Norton if I want my program in debugger mode. I don’t use any fancy things like networking, connecting to the internet messing with the registry,etc.
Has anyone experienced something like this?

Sounds similar to the problems I have with bitdefender. The only thing you can do is contact the Norton support team and have them examine the situation. Be prepared to wait though. The team at bitdefender can now replicate my problems with a debug run (signed dll’s get blocked by bitdefender, causing the ide to fail when trying to delete the files at the end of the debug run, and therefore being unable to do a second debug run, since the files are then blocked till the next reboot), but my initial support request is by now 20 days old and I still have no solution. At least they are now able to replicate the problem, so I’m hoping for a solution soon.

Couple of years ago (when I developed VB6 on Windows) I always needed to exclude my project folders for Anti-Virus Scanners… seems to be quite regular for Windows Devs I guess…

You are right that exclusions should be checked first. The problem with Bitdefender is that excluding doesn’t seem to help. We excluded the Xojo folder, the debugfolder, the Xojo process, everything else we could think of (for instance the libs folder), but we still had the problem.

What’s Norton’s accusation? Like “Found xxx thing, the program yyy will be removed” ?

You have 2 possibilities:

  1. Your machine is infected and infecting your post-production code.
  2. Norton’s bad heuristics is making bad assumptions.

In the case 2.

I have a program out in the world that has been around for nearly 30 years. Visual Fox Pro (Microsoft owned now). We have had issues with Norton for as long as i can remember. If a client ever contacts me with an issue, my first response is always, do you have norton running? If so, please switch to AVG. In 30 years, we have had 1 issue with AVG that got resolved within a week. Norton issues take far longer to resolve and they are re-accuring.
We have also had issues with McAfee, but far less than Norton.
In my opinion, Norton is over-protective, restricting use. Its to the point of paranoia. If Norton does not know of a certain file, it marks it as unsafe. It takes several users to mark it as safe to be treated as safe for the entire Norton community. This is OK for popular apps, but for the small time apps, it is a nightmare.

Well… I am afraid this statement doesn’t help you much… but on Mac there’s no need for Norton :wink:

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There is no need either on Windows :wink:

Norton 360 is a virus in itself …