Problem with "name" (property) of dynamically added webContainer

Hi, I had dealt with this before in 2018 but then solved it differently.

I noticed that if I create a WebContainer (called “myCC”), then I dynamically add n. in a webpage with the classic

for i = 0 to n
dim c as new MyWebContainer
c.embeddewithin (self, 10,10,100,100) '… I neglect placement = “NewMyCC” + str (i)
next i

the added controls will all have the same name, that is “myCC” and not the one assigned during creation, I tried to place = “NuovaMyCC” + str (i) also immediately under the declaration and before the embedd …, but nothing changes

the problem is that then, to refer to the controls created, it will not be possible to use the “name” property with the classic MyCC (MywebPage.ControlWithName (“NuovaMyCC1”)). (property or method) because obviously no control will exist with this name (assigned during dynamic creation) and it would be necessary to create another property (for which there are no reference functions such as the controlWithName) and cycle through all the controls until the one with the “ad hoc created property” is found. will be the same as what we are looking for.

everything can be done but it is much less comfortable, intuitive and fast
apparently it seems that the name property of dynamically created WebContainers is read-only, but surely there is something wrong, does anyone have any news about it?