Problem with "#" in Reports using Xojo 2016 Release 2.0

I made the upgrade to Xojo 2016 Release 2.0, and I found a problem with my REPORTS in my app. I get the error - “This item does not exist” and references a few Report Labels and Report Fields. I figured it out that if you have a “#” in the Text property that you will get this error. So you basically can’t use “#” in the report.

For example:

Of Apples # Of Peaches etc…

If your remove the “#” it works again. Just thought I mention this if anyone else had the same problem with the upgrade.

Sounds like a bug related to
13250 IDE » Report Editor Reports can now use constants in labels and other controls.

James, what about Apple # ?

and what about “##” ?

Or use “Encodings.UTF8.chr(&h0023)” so that the compiler will not see the pound sign as a work around for right now

Apples # does NOT throw the error. That works fine.

Apples throws a Syntax Error

This error just appeared in Release 2.0. All earlier Xojo releases worked fine.

Be sure to create a feedback case as this is definitely a side-effect of the case Norman mentioned (<>). For now the workaround is to not start the text with “#”. Maybe include a leading space?

nbsp ?

Or put the text in a constant and use #theconstant.