Problem with GET and URL with Spanish words

Dear all, good evening,
I have a problem with HTTPSecureSocket, method GET, in detail:
I have to get a word translation from Google Translator API but when I use an URL with Spanish words the GET method failed, for instance, if I want to translate the word ‘maana’ I get the word ‘ma???ana’. I have used EncodeURLComponent but nothing, it doesn’t work.

Please, Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.
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Can you post the code you’re trying so we can look at it?

@Tim Parnell of course, the code is the following:

  dim orig_word as String = "mañana"
  dim word as String = EncodeURLComponent(orig_word)
  dim url as String = "" + word
  url = ConvertEncoding(url, encodings.utf8)
  Dim socket1 As New HTTPSecureSocket
  socket1.Yield = True
  socket1.Secure = True
  Dim dataStr As String = socket1.Get(url, 30)
  dataStr = ConvertEncoding(dataStr, Encodings.UTF8)
  system.debuglog dataStr

Here the output:


I also try to remove url = ConvertEncoding(url, encodings.utf8) but I get the same result.

Thank you very much

Hi Stefano,

Did you tried to assign the text encoding (probably UTF-8) to the returned string from the Get method?

dataStr = dataStr.defineEncoding( encodings.UTF-8 )


Hi @Javier Menéndez thank you for your reply but my problem is about the url and not about the returned string, in detail, Google’s server doesn’t recognize the word which I send it and it sends me a wrong translation, I think the problem is the GET method because I use EncodeURLComponent() but I don’t know why the server receives a wrong url.

It works for me if I change the ConnectionType to TLSv1 or higher.

socket1.ConnectionType = HTTPSecureSocket.TLSv1