problem with Explorer 11

when i try to open my web app from Explorer 11.0.96 clients i see

Your browser is not supported. Please try using one of these other browsers: •Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher
•Google Chrome
•Apple Safari
•or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher

OR HIGHER :)))))))))

Take a look here…

MS decided to change user agents strings as of MSIE11. Two options;

  1. use the newest Xojo release that copes with those changes, or
  2. allow unsupported browserts.


If you implement the Session.AllowUnsupportedBorwser event, you could examine the User-agent header and return true if it’s ie11.

As Alex said above, Microsoft decided to change their user agent string and go with a more standard version, more like Firefox and chrome, but that broke our mechanism for checking browser compatibility.

This was fixed in Xojo as soon as we got our hands on IE11 and were able to verify the change.

With IE 11 set as my default browser, Header(“User-Agent”) returns