problem with cookies between apps

I have two apps, one running at “” and one running as a service in another directory on the same server; example: “

I’m trying to get the service to read a cookie saved by the other app. In the first app, I’m saving the cookie with session.Cookies.Set(“familymoviefilters_prefs”,tmpstring,tmpdate ) 'tmpdate is way in the future

In the service app, in the session open event, I’m trying to read it with
dim tmpstring as string =session.cookies.value(“familymoviefilters_prefs”)

When I run both apps locally, the service app does read the cookie properly. When I run both apps on the remote server, the cookie value is always blank. Am I doing something wrong in how I’m writing or reading the cookie?

When the cookie is sent by the remote server, does it specify the “path” parameter?

e.g. this would prevent a browser from sending the cookie to the service:

Set-Cookie: familymoviefilters_prefs=foobar; Path=/cgi-bin/fhma/

It turns out this isn’t so much of a cookie problem as a session problem. When I run this from the IDE, it works fine because there is an actual session available. When it runs from the remote server, there is no session. I think I’m going to be able to use the webrequest.getcookie function to get the cookie, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Kevin Clark