Problem with content size using websockets_mtc

When sending more than 3267 characters next frame does not get unmasked?

Here is the end of the good data then the remaining unmasked data?
I am using Tim D’s Aloe for the server side.

{"Posting Status":"Failed","qbid":"No Customer associated with order ¸<3·ª<3·j-áÄUC3· L²­iC3·¸<3·ª<3·J-áÄUC3·ª<3·«<6·«<2·¨<3·ª<3·ª<3·ª<3·ª<3·ª<3·±<3·°<3·²<3·²<3·¼<3·¼<3·ª<3·¢<3·¯<3·¯<3·â=3·á=3·é=3·é=3·í=3·ï=3·ì=3·ï=3·”=3·ª<3·ª<3çª<3·ª<3çí<3·ª<3·d<3·ª<3·p<3·ª<3·ó<3·ª<3·»<3·ª<3·'<3·ª<3·"<3·ª<3·û<3·ª<3·ò<3·ª<3·m<3·ª<3·_<3·ª<3·ä<3·ª<3·ü<3·ª<3·n<3·ª<3·p<3·ª<3·´<3·ª<3·µ<3·ª<3·?<3·ª<3·s<3·ª<3·þ<3·ª<3·ö<3·ª<3·m<3·ª<3·"<3·ª<3·¬<3·ª<3·»<3·ª<3·u<3·ª<3·t<3·ª<3·â<3·ª<3·é<3·ª<3·n<3·ª<3·:<3·ª<3·Ê<3·ª<3·¶<3·ª<3·A<3·ª<3·/<3·ª<3·ã<3·ª<3·û<3·ª<3·t<3·ª<3·q<3·ª<3·ã<3·ª<3·ð<3·ª<3·i<3·ª<3·t<3·ª<3·ù<3·ª<3·ì<3·ª<3·n<3·ª<3·.<3·ª<3·û<3·ª<3·à<3·ª<3·n<3·ª<3·h<3·ª<3·ù<3·ª<3·é<3·ª<3·t<3·ª<3·f<3·ª<3·ï<3·ª<3··<3·ª<3·~<3·ª<3·o<3·ª<3·û<3·ª<3·»<3·ª<3·1<3·ª<3·"<3·ª<3·ó<3·ª<3·÷<3·




Is the server doing a readall() and assuming it’s got the whole frame? The frame length is contained in the first part of the data returned by readall(), and reading should continue until the amount received matches the frame length.

Took me a little while to get that right; I do all of that in the DataAvailable event.

Wait, the problem is in my class?

It’s more likely me doing something wrong.

is it possible the masking bit is not correct on the second frame?

I assume anything less than “Content Length” 3267 gets sent in one frame?

I’m not anywhere I can check, but I do recall that masking is only supposed to happen on one side, and I thought it was the server. Am I remembering correctly?

According to

mask (1 bit): indicates if the connection is masked. As it stands right now, every message from client to server must be masked and the spec wants to to terminate the connection if it’s unmasked.

I do remember that I included a flag and thought I masked every frame accordingly, but would have to check.

No worries Enjoy your eggnog

What are you testing against?

Tim D’s Aloe

Could the problem be on that side?

I am looking into that the best I can.

hmm should be an online socket catcher to send that “message” to

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I will have to bug Tim’ D looks like