Problem with Chrome

Something is wrong on the Xojo website. I am working on an iMac. I have trouble browsing the documentation and most other pages on Google Chrome. I go to google, search for “xoxo webapp deployment” and click one from the google listing, like but after some seconds, a “No data received, ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” empty page appears. Not sure what pages exactly but the documentation pages do frequently, and the main pages ( do something similar quite often.
When I open them with Safari on the same machine and practically at the same time, there is no problem, and the page appears correctly.
This has happened quite a lot of times, and the discovery of Safari doing fine was merely coincidental. I have done the usuals, like clear cache, restart, Etc.


Sounds like you found a work around - use Safari
I’ve used several browsers on several versions of Windows Linux & OS X
Not Chrome though
Never had an issue with any others

I use Chrome all the time and never seen that. Could be some transient issue.

The only place that Mac Chrome has issue with is the Apple Developer Library which never displays. But as before, using Safari fixes the issue.

Yes, unless you have chrome as default browser. I use it for convenience, because it’s integrated with gmail and contacts, Etc. Not a big deal but I thought it was worth to report it.

I prefer not to giv google all my information contacts calendars etc but thats a personal choice
I dont need yet more ads from the Alphabet soup company :slight_smile: