Problem with Alias on Unmounted Volume

I’m recursing through a series of directories on a mounted server volume. In one of these directories, I hit an alias for a file that is on a different server share, one that is not mounted. The moment I assign this item to a folderitem, the system presents a log-in for the unmounted server volume. If I cancel this mount attempt, I can identify this folderitem as an alias and skip it. But this is a problem because this is a console application. I want to be able to skip the item before the login screen. How can I make this happen?

The finder shows a icon on the folder indicating it’s an alias, so I’m thinking that identifying it as an alias before it’s actually called must be possible.

do you use TrueItem() or Item() function?

Do you know the feeling when you realize you’ve been doing it all wrong?

I just had that feeling.

I switched the initial assignment of folderitem.item(n) to folder item.trueitem(n) and it works. I had been testing for alias after I got the folderitem.

thanks Christian.