Problem with a menu command in Ubuntu 20.04

I have developed a simulation software in Xojo for Windows but I need a version in Linux. I imported the binary file in my computer with Ubuntu 20.04. There is compilation but in a window there is no response when I click the command Simulate (in the menu bar). Sorry if my problem is easy to solve but I have no experience with Linux. This does not occur when I execute my software in MacOs. Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand what’s wrong. A common problem on Linux is the executable permission is not set automatically. To fix, right-click the program file, select Properties. On the Permissions tab, check the box marked Execute.

If this isn’t the solution, a screen capture might help. Or if the problem is inside your program, can you show us the Xojo code that doesn’t work?

probably an exception is occurring … file not found or a nil object
If not debugging on Linux, you need to add some messages to report on errors

Dear Eric,

I really did not compile it. I am using the debugger. There is no problem with the code since my software works perfectly under any Windows version. Currently I am using Windows 10 and Xojo 2022r1.1. I noticed that one plugin is not installing ( The problem is not with my software. I create a simple code in a new desktop application and the same problem occur. I will provode some pictures.

Hi Jeff,

I have inserted a breaking point in the first commando line and the debugger did not execute the code. It is like clicking for nothing. I will provide some pictures.

I created a new desktop application using Xojo 2022r1.1 in Ubuntu 20.04. I inserted a menu item for window1 and inserted a new window. Then, I coded in the menu handler: But there is no response in both debugging and executable environments. I checked the information in the Loaded Plugins and there is a problem with the OraclePlugin (see picture). It could be this?
Screenshot from 2022-06-07 15-56-59

There is also a problem in the debugging environment. See in picture bellow that I cannot return to the IDE since the sheet is not visible.
Screenshot from 2022-06-07 16-04-12

In the Example Project/Files folder, the Desktop Application FileSearch.xojo_binary_project does not work and the same crash occur in the Debugger. There is also a Menu Command handler requesting FileListWindow.Show.

I am testing each desktop application from the Example Projects and if there is not a menu command handler, the application works. If there is a menu handler (except the default Quit), the application does not wok. But all applications crash the Debugger window avoiding to assess the IDE.

The same problems occur with Xojo 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

But in the versions there is no crash in the debugger window.

Sorry, the file is FileBrowser.xojo_binary_project

Sorry fellows but the problem is not libraries or versions. My code will requires many actualization in Linux. I am studying and I will convert my software for Linux. Thanks.

I hate to break it to you, but this statement is meaningless. This could simply be an issue of the case-sensitivity of the Linux file system causing a problem or the more stringent file permissions of Linux, or any other number of OS differences between Windows & Linux.

I suggest removing the oracle plugin from your plugins folder as not having the supporting libraries will definitely cause problems.

Also, go to the System Requirements page and make sure you have all of the prerequisites installed, including libunwind.

Thanks Greg! I have all required libraries. Now I am removing all deprecated classes and I think that I will succeed in debugging and compiling. I will remove the Oracle plugin.

Hi Greg,

I am really facing problems with Ubuntu. This is because I have no experience with Linux. I am evolving changing deprecated objects but one problem keeps on. I created a second window in an application for test and I noticed that the menu and submenu items works well in window1 but not in windows2. Can you give some instructions to solve this simple problem? The only command in the menu item in window2 is messagebox “It works!”. My windows software has several windows and I am facing the same problem.


Make sure you have either defined a menu handler on App or on each of the windows.

A common mistake is for users to turn off the auto-enable feature and then just enable the menu items. Without a corresponding menu handler, your code will never fire.

Dear Greg,

I noted that in a secondary window (my software has several), the menu items do not fire. I tried inserting the commend enabled in the Opening menu handler and the command was not executed. However, I found in the Forum a recommendation of using pushbuttons instead of menus. More surprising, a submenu item executed the commands! I cannot believe in this: in Linux (Ubuntu 20.04), a menu item in a secondary window does execute the commands but a submenu does work. I will use submenus instead of pushbuttons because I have at least one pushbutton in each secondary window. Thanks,