Problem while call windows

Have a big problem with windows

Have a container control used many times in many windows .
This container have a textfield and a label
when press F3 on texfield call a windows ‘lookupwindow’ ( is a windows with a listbox showing then content of a table )
In this windows call (from toolbar) insert/modify record window.

All work properly, but if I use the containercontrol in a insert/modify windows and press F3 for invoke another ‘lookupwindow’ the first ‘lookupwindow’ opedend disappear (cause the name of object windows is same).

I try to use dim istruction for use the lookupwindow as an object

  select case Asc(Key)
  case 63238
    dim lkwin as lookupwindows ' create new lookupwindows object
    lkwin = new lookupwindows 
    dim testo as string
    testo = lkwin.Apertura(self.campo, self.chiave, self.table, self.filtro)
    if testo = "!nulla!" then
      exit Function
      me.text = testo
    end if
    return true
  case 13, 10
    if me.text = "" then
      self.risultato.text = ""
    end if
    return true
  end select

But with this modification is not possible to call lookupwindows from editwindow for content refresh…

+Main Window+
+---1^ Container control
+-------+F3+1^lookup window
+-------+----+Press button for Edit record
+-------+----+----+Edit window
+-------+----+----+----2^Container control
+-------+----+----+----+----+F3+2^lookup window
+-------+----+----+----+----+----+Press button for Edit record
+-------+----+----+----+----+----+----+2^Edit window

Solution ??