Problem to connect to master server

after installation of 2017R1.1 I tried connect to master server. I don’t use a PROXY.
Always the connection is failed.

I add the license key to program and it work.
Then I added the information for Sign IN (XOJO ID and Password), but Sign In is failed.
After this the installed license is removed.

Could help anybody to get success for Sign In???

Kind regards

An additional information:
Window with infornmation that the Sign In was fail shows 2 buttons (OK and PROXY).
These 2 buttons doesn’t have function.
Only with “ALT+F4” could close this window.

After closing this window a further window is shown that say
“You are now signed in. Your license will now be updated automatically”.

The update of license was not made and signd in always is fail.

Kind regards

It’s better to contact Xojo support with problems like these.

Hello Beatrix,
thank you for reply!
We removed program complete from PC and reinstall it today.
After reinstall it works - also the SignIn.
Does XOJO need few times for verification??

Thank you for help!