Problem rolling app back to 2014r2.1

I finally decided that I can’t live without reliable copy and paste so I am trying to continue development of an app in 2014r2.1 instead of 2014r3.2. When I use r2.1 to open the app that was saved in r3.2 and try to run it, I get an error that makes no sense to me.[quote]Location: cWiz.pbView.Name Layout (property name) Issue: This item does not exist Name[/quote]pbView is an array of five webbuttons that happens to be named “pbView”. When I open the same code in r3.2, it runs without a problem.

Going backwards is a crap shoot as there may be new properties that are saved that the old IDE’s don’t understand or have no clue what to do with.
They should just ignore them but that was not always the case despite best efforts over the years to make this be the case.
And the new IDE’s may not need some properties that old ones did.

Sounds like you’ve hit one of those spots where things have changed and going from r2.1 to 3.2 is OK but going backwards isn’t

EDIT : Without having a sample to work from theres far too many possible changes between 2014r2.1 and 2014r3.2 that might cause this for me to just happen to land on it in our SVN logs

Send me something offlist via email & I’ll see if I can look it over tomorrow

I often have this issue also in latest version, if i remove an Event from an array of Controls.
Try exporting the Control in 3.2, delete it in 2.1 and re-import it f.e.