Problem in MBS Xojo Cameras Plugin

Hi, I try to use the Example in the folder “CanonEOSdigital” and I obtain an error in

dim stream as new EdsStreamMBS(0)

the app crash. Why?

Do you have a crash report for me?
(send by email or link to download)

The Canon library is loaded before you call this?
SDK documentation doesn’t list whether parameter can be 0. You may want to try a higher number.

No, I have not a report. The app crashes and closes.
Yes, I load the library first, in the open event (in fact,


work fine)
I tryed different valued instead 0, no differences.

near the example there is the readme file. It speak about the libraries:


In the Canon SDK I have only EdsImage.dll and EDSDK.dll
what about the other libraries? is there the problem?

That’s fine. The DLLs may change over time between SDK versions.
Which version of the SDK do you use?

You may need to pass false for LoadLibrary() function to say it’s version 3.0 or newer.

correct! now work.