Problem getting folderitem

The code below is straight out of the Help for FolderItemDialog. I have a window with nothing on it but a textfield and a button. The button’s action event is shown below. But in the resulting dialog, all the filetypes are grayed out and can not be selected. Only the folders can be selected. I have a .csv filetype setup in the FileTypeSets and in the build settings for Mac I have selected the csv file type.

I am running on a Mac Pro with macOS 10.11.6 and Xojo 2017r1.1 - what do I need to do to enable the selection of a .csv file?


Dim dlg As New SelectFolderDialog Dim f As FolderItem dlg.ActionButtonCaption="Select" dlg.Title="Title Property" dlg.PromptText="Prompt Text" #If Not (TargetLinux) Then dlg.InitialDirectory=SpecialFolder.Documents #Else //open Home directory on linux dlg.InitialDirectory=SpecialFolder.Home #EndIf f=dlg.ShowModal If f <> Nil Then MsgBox("Not Nil") Else MsgBox("Nil") End If

You would need to use OpenDialog as SelectFolderDialog is for selecting folders.

Thank you Tim