Problem Deploying iOS app to my iPhone

@Paul Lefebvre

I first was trying to use the webinar Deploying iOS apps to the App Store, but it is terribly out of date and needs to be updated.

I’m following the procedure to deploy the iOS app to my iPhone:

Under: Add Provisioning Profile to Xcode and Devices

2nd Part:

You can now copy the Provisioning Profile file you previously downloaded to the device:

Plug in the device via USB.
Back in Xcode, select Windows ? Devices (or Devices and Simulators), right-click on the device and select “Show Provisioning Profiles”.

I then click the + button but the only files that were downloaded are *.cer files.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

It needs to be a “Development” provisioning profile that you created in Apple’s Developer Portal. As soon as you create it you get the option to download it. I believe you can go back and look at it and get the option to download it. It should have a name like .mobileprovision, where is what you named it on Apple’s site. I copy mine to the same folder where my project is so I don’t lose it.

I believe there’s also a + button to upload the app to the simulator. That’s not the right one.

I got that far, now I can’t get the provising to show up in xojo, the team drop down. I put the file in the apps directory.

It never appears in Xojo. Only development teams show up in the team menu, and you probably have only one of those.

@Paul Lefebvre

I watched Pauls webinar and it shows there. I did select a iOS Development. Now I’m totally confused.

The webinar from 2015 is not a good detailed reference at this point. Although the concepts are similar, Apple has significantly changed the steps that both Xcode and their web portal use.

The latest steps that I’ve used multiple times, including in my XDC 2018 session (Anatomy of an iOS App) are the ones in the user guide. They are accurate as of current versions of Xcode 9.

@Paul Lefebvre

That is what I used, thats the url in my original message.

I’m supposed to see the provision profile in the team drop down, correct?

No, you are supposed to see your Name or company name in the team dropdown.

@Jeremie Leroy @Paul Lefebvre @Art Gorski

I just went through the steps again and the team dropdown has 1 choice none.

Anybody got any thoughts?

Did you sign into your apple Developer account in xcode settings?

It shows my apple id under accounts. So I assume Yes.

It’ll show one with (Personal Team) that you can use without signing in. Click the + button in Preferences>Accounts in Xcode and login to your developer account to get the one that will show up in Xojo.

Loging in changed nothing. Same info:

ASPE - Agent
Richard Albrecht (Personal Team) - User

When I press the download button a little progress wheal appears briefly but no indication of if it was successful. I would have thought a save as dialog would come up.

Any other ideas? Here my app is ready and I’m stuck.

Thanks guys!

Sounds like ASPE is your team and that’s what should show as a selection in Xojo. Why it’s not showing up I have no idea.

If only there was an app that could troubleshoot this stuff, knew where to look, knew what was missing, and either told you how to fix it or actually did it for you.

I have similar but different issues… no answers for you Richard, but a lot of sympathy.
A fine app just sitting dormant due to these fragile preconditions.
Writing the app is relatively easy.
Appeasing the Apple entities is another matter.

did you try to scan the app and potential problem with appwrapper ?
a demo is available.

AppWrapper will not help for an iOS app @Jean-Yves Pochez

I’m going to go in and delete everything and then try again. Will keep you posted.

Yippee, It was a success!

I must of missed a step. Boy this is very touchy.

Now the App Store.

Slow down! Play with it a bunch on your iPhone first. I guarantee you’ll find things you want to change. The simulator is not the actual device, and there could be surprises.